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About Dave's Upholstery

We offer a wide range of services and aftermarket accessories for all commercial vehicles including pickup trucks, plow trucks, vans, tractors, garbage trucks, town vehicles, fire and ambulance vehicles, dump and transfer trucks and many more.  Here are some our services:

• Repairing and/or replacing of seat covers, carpet, headliners, door panels and trim pieces.
• Repairing and/or replacing of foam and padding.
• Repairing and welding of seat frames.
• Installing rubber mat flooring.
• Custom coated vinyl tarps and covers for dump trucks, fire trucks and other heavy transport vehicles.
• Custom roll covers, garbage and storage containers.

We also offer a full range of commercial vehicle accessories and installation for most accessories.

Have a look at Dave's Performance & Accessory website for all our aftermarket products and accessories to customize your vehicle.

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